Infinite Game, 2021, animated video, 1’41’’
© Mao Haonan and M Art Foundation

When the game becomes infinite, there is no ending and no winning or losing. Where is the boundary? Why plays the game? If puts a pause, it comes with stillness. There is no more gaming. Whether the game will be forgotten or not? In this blurry situation of the game, will the game, itself, be expanded; be discovered; be explored, or pondered?

Infinite Game is created basing on Finite And Infinite Game by James P. Carse. In the book, the author demonstrates two different types of games. However, the artist is unintentional to show the unknowns or illusory, or to describe any tangible finite. The artist tries to think about the game, itself, in the pause. Using the detaching perspective to perceive the existences of regulations, symbols, algorithms, and decorations. And to question what are the possibilities between the finite and infinite and what is the meaning of playing the game?